Sunday, December 1, 2013

Bennett Resnick - Player of the Game

Some may have noticed that Bennett Resnick picked up player of the game honors alongside Kaz at the big Alabama win.  Many may not yet have heard of Bennett's heroics, or possibly even Bennett himself.  Thankfully, the reader has this blog which leaves no stone unturned:

Avid Dragon and Philadelphia Union fan Bennett Resnick took time from Bar Mitzvah perpetration to support the Drexel mens basketball team at MSG this Thanksgiving weekend, finding himself seated between his father and a traffic stopping female Duke fan.  During a stoppage, the jumbotron found its way to young Bennett, and in an avid attempt to assist with the Bar Mitzvah process, the woman to his left turned her back to her own boyfriend and leaned into the jumbotron frame and gave Bennett a big smooch.

In a followup conversation, the aforementioned nameless, attractive blonde, tried to persuade Bennett to root for her Duke Blue Devils.  Bennett shut her down so cold she might as well have been Peyton Manning at Foxboro.  He only supports one blue team, and it's the blue and gold.

Bennett Resnick:  You're our Dragons Speak Co-Player of the Game.

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