Monday, February 17, 2014

Hofstra postgame - An Addendum

Hours later, the realization hit that a paragraph had been left out of the postgame post.  Rather than editing, it gets its own post.

Not being able to be at this game, this was viewed via the Comcast Sportsnet feed.  I've been critical of certain commentators this year, and stand by it, but didn't have that worry this time.  God help me, but Blaine Taylor was as fantastic on the mic as he was completely unrecognizable on camera.  It was watching the game with a coach who knew the league inside and out, and he shared it as easily as he would if he was in a recruits living room.  Good camera work, good sound (heard Bru and Connors regularly, c'mon Dac Pack!) and commentators that had plenty of cattle with their hats.  A really good package that CSN pumped out for the CAA.

Also, and this is going to hurt me personally...  The rare Sunday night game gave the DAC an officials A-Team.  While there was no B.A. Baracus, the DAC did see Brian O'Connell, old friend Mike Eades, and personal favorite Tim Kelly (haven't seen him in a while), all of whom will be working well into March.  They were not often noticed, and I threw very little at my television.  Whenever they have a bad night, we let em know, and fair is fair, when they have a <cough cough rare cough cough> good one, they deserve the kudos.

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