Saturday, March 1, 2014

Northeastern Pregame - The Final Countdown

Apologies (or perhaps you're welcome), this will be brief.

The Dragons and Huskies meet in their final regular season game of the year.  While the Dragons are locked into the 4 spot going into Baltimore, the Huskies are in a 3 way tie for 5th.  Neither team will drop into the 8-9 game so both coaches can be a little more loose going into a game that could be a preview for a first round match up in the CAA Tournament.  Northeastern will be paying tribute to redshirt senior Chris Avenant, the lone senior on the roster as their home season comes to a close.

If anyone has ever seen Bru dog a game, let me know.  I never have and expect to see a heavy dose of the starting five with a week off between this game and the upcoming tourney.  Having said that, giving Goran and Muhammed some court time couldn't hurt, especially Bah as he has continued his developmental surge throughout the season.  Giving Fouch some reps for distance might be nice, but Bru has spoken all year of how long Chris has spent in the trainers room, and healing up prior to the tournament may be just as if not more valuable than the reps he'll get in this game.

NU continues to be the Eatherton express, another reason to slide a space clogger like Goran into the game, although it would be a solid learning experience for a kid like Rodney.  Stop Eatherton, both with the ball in his hands and on the boards, and win the game.  It's that simple, especially with a Husky team that has been better on the road (4-5 in conference) then at home (2-6).  For both coaches, the mission will be more in the preparation than in the outcome, and a stress free trainers table will be the way to truly walk away from this one a winner.

Prediction:  Drexel 63, Northeastern 58
Vegas Line:  Drexel -1

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