Monday, November 10, 2014

Looking Back to Look Forward

It's the Super Bowl, World Series and World Peace all rolled into one!  It's...  Dragons season tip off!

You may have noticed a distinct lack of previews on this site.  You may have seen injury news from the Dragons and wonder why it hasn't been up here.  You may ask yourself, how do I work this?  And you may ask yourself "Where is that large automobile?" You may look at the DAC and tell yourself "This is not my beautiful house!"  As you watch the calendar turn and let the days go by before the season starts.

The challenge has not been lack of information (although with 5 newcomers, there's an argument), or even lack of time.  The challenge has been the filtering of that information.  There's so much out there that with a record of 0-0 you can make almost any argument for the Dragons outlook this season.  They may have 2 of the top 10 players in the CAA starting for them, leading them to greatness.  You can argue that they had 2 of the top 10 last year, and ended up in mediocrity.  Or you can assume that Rodney Williams is too undersized to dominate, they have already lost at least 40% of their starters for the year in Major and Abif, and even in a weak conference they are ripe to get rolled.

Usually this blog has an opinion on everything, but this time it's gonna weasel and in the next three days we'll present all three arguments for you to enjoy.  We also hope to have 1-2 CAA-wide pieces, possibly with a college hoops guru guest writer.  A lot of content to hit the wall here in the next four days, and I'll be tweeting court-side in Boulder come Friday.  Until all of that is ready to go, I leave you with links into the past, from what I thought were three of the most important items we saw last year that will be meaningful this year:

It's a Trust Thing - The Need For Balance

Praising Bru - In Which We Saw Bru Trying to Evolve

Not Just in PJ's - In Which We (Rightly) Crush Bru and Staff for Loving the Jump Shot

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