Thursday, May 7, 2015

Reasons For Other CAA Fans To Vote For #MillionDollarDragons

CAA Fans, former CAA fans, Children of all ages.  Yesterday I called on Drexel fans to vote for our alumni team, The Blue and Gold Club, so that they can play in The Basketball Tournament, a nationwide tourney for players who have revoked their amateur status (so that's post collegiate, Kentucky players, and Marcus Camby).  As many of you know, Drexel Athletics is a leader in gender equity on the playing field, alongside "percentage of funds invested in squash" nationally, and are good citizens of the CAA regionally.  Each year we fight out of conference to ensure that your teams get the best seed possible in the NCAA tournament.  So today, I ask fans around the league to join the Drexel fans in helping our alumni play on, and I've provided reasons to get behind the effort for each and every one of you:

College of Charleston  - This one is easy.  After a week of rest the Drexel players were fatigued in the first half of the DU/ C of C CAA Tournament game.  Clearly, Drexel coaches ran the players all week in an attempt to end their abysmal season as quickly as possible, and Charleston profited with their first ever CAA Tournament win.  You're welcome, now it's time to return the favor.

Delaware Blue Hens - Up 1, going to the free throw line with the shot clock off, UD misses the first shot of a 1 and 1.  Except the referees called it a 2 shot foul.  They figure this out after the first shot, and while the percentages are very high that Drexel would have gotten the rebound, the referees have to go to the possession arrow which points towards Delaware.  UD inbounds and DU has to foul again, this time it's a true two shot foul.  Game over.  You're welcome.

Elon Phoenix - In two games, Bru left Tanner Samson virtually unguarded en route to 19 three point attempts.  The guy shot 35% from 3 this year and we just sat there and let him back up the truck.  You don't think that was intentional?  It led to your first ever CAA win!  Now it's your turn to return the favor.

Hofstra Pride - Antoine Agudio gave the DAC Pack the bird.  Often.

James Madison Dukes - 14 years under Bruiser.  Zero wins against JMU in the CAA Tournament.  He makes Matt Brady look like a certified genius, which takes talent, or a lack thereof.  We've had your back for 14 years, couldn't you have ours just this once?

Northeastern Huskies - Defending CAA Champion Coach Coen said Bru runs bad offense  and our Athletics Departments reaction to that was to let him keep running it.  We had Damion Lee, but because of that offensive offense, you had the Championship.  Isn't that worth kicking your brother program in co-op some votes?

Towson Tigers -    Every time he played a road game at Drexel during a snowstorm (and there was a few) Pat Kennedy returned to Towson with just as many jackets as he left with.

UNCW Seahawks - We have, for the moment, stopped promoting Athletics personnel who previously carried a "Blizzard's Mom is a MILF" sign at the CAA Tournament.

William and Mary Tribe - At times, our mascot goes pantsless too.

Bonus teams!!

Georgia State Panthers - Not only did Ron Hunter learn how to cope with injuries from watching Drexel film, his now infamous chair was probably designed by a Drexel engineer.

George Mason Patriots - The Patriots were the epitome of class in the CAA, and surely their fans wish to continue in that tradition.

Old Domion Monarchs - We honestly put Bruiser Flint out there against Blaine Taylor.  For years.  That's the biggest mismatch since Shaka Smart against Bruiser Flint, which brings us to...

Virginia Commonwealth Rams - With no time on the clock, we put our last man off the bench on Jamie Skeen with no double team.  Up until that moment, there were crazy VCU fans talking about firing Shaka Smart.  There should be more votes for this Drexel team from Richmond than from Philadelphia.

The CAA Staff:  You didn't help get DU into the tournament in 07 or 12.  Both of those teams lost to VCU in the CAA Tournament - in Richmond.  You had the author of this piece thrown out of the Richmond Coliseum.  And we didn't march of the league office once.  Not once.  Given that these losses cost the Dragons six figures in cash, maybe tossing in a vote or two or thirty would be good and responsible business.

So please, take two minutes of your day, and register to support team The Blue and Gold Club.

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