Saturday, January 23, 2016

UNCW - Home

A note:

I join the Dragons staff in enjoying my snow day.  Please enjoy the below from Alan as his posting mirrors my opinion of this game - Drexel abused UNCW in the first matchup and after back to back games of being outtoughed and looking tuned out, they can either answer the doubters here, or decisively prove them right.

This game is available to watch online, and if you're in the Philadelphia area and beyond the reaches of the El or BSL, I recommend that you watch from home.  The noon tip is an insult to public safety workers, from the Department of Streets to PPD/PFD to Drexel's own PD.  Lets once again rise up and try to do better than those that represent our school and keep the roads as safe as possible so those people can do their jobs.  Logistics are always challenging in situations like this, but we need to see better.


Prediction:  UNCW 72, Drexel 68
Vegas Line:  TBA

Alan Boston's Take:

Losers of 3 in a row all on the road, Drexel finally comes home to both some snow and a rematch with tied for first place UNCW. In the first game, Drexel was never truly in it, but never allowed UNCW to create a blow out. Drexel helped themselves by outrebounding UNCW 44 to 31, but hurt themselves by missing many easy shots. Given that JMU just crushed Drexel on the boards, it would behoove Drexel to get back some of the toughness that the program was known for. Getting blown out in back to back games is one thing but losing the rebounding battle 44-21 to JMU indicates more of a lack of effort and toughness.  To a Drexel fan should be extremely disturbing.

Despite all that, given how the first game played out Drexel has what looks like a winnable game. If you can limit turnovers vs UNCW, they are very beatable. I have written this before but I do believe that Drexel is all in on this one. I also believe that "all in" is good enough to beat what I think is a very over rated team in UNCW. This is certainly the last hurrah for Drexel. At least, I hope so.

Drexel 75 UNCW 71

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