Wednesday, November 9, 2016

One Door Closes

On Friday, November 11, 2016 a new era of Drexel Basketball officially kicks off.  I look forward to watching it, writing about it, and enjoying it.  I won't be doing that on this blog.  With this post, Dragons Speak is closing its doors.

This program hasn't been an easy thing to write about these past three years, and it makes one truly appreciate those who have subjected themselves to reading about it.  When this blog became more than I ever expected with the coverage near daily, there was no way one person could keep up.  I was bailed out by a number of Dragons who believed in the mission and donated their time to this page.  With that, this page stopped being a blog about one persons thoughts and became a team effort for a daily, higher level of coverage.

When that surge of enthusiasm was rising Scott Kier floated an idea that was worthy of this new group of colleagues.  A real home on the web for covering Drexel Basketball.  Today that home launches and we hope to make it a worthy face for analysis and opinion alongside this new beginning of Drexel Basketball.

Dragon fans if you are still reading about this team then this is the site that is dedicated to you.  Written by a staff that knows if you have stood with this University once, you are welcome to stand with us forever.

Please join us at the new project:  Always a Dragon.

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