Friday, November 29, 2013

Dragons Comings and Goings

Tweeted last night, but to follow-up:

I spoke with multiple doctors in the sports medicine space yesterday, and working off of nothing but a description of the play, the trainers response, and the post game quotes from Damion, both of them separately told me almost word for word the exact same thing.  While nothing is known until the MRI comes back, these symptoms are that of a "classic non-contact ACL injury".  While neither has seen Damion, both said the odds of the "no structural damage" report being correct were unlikely.

In short, those asking if he'll be back in the next couple of weeks - don't ask.  The MRI will be conducted today, and while I'm sure Bru will be asked about the results in the postgame today, I don't expect him to answer the question until early next week.

Also of note:  Freddie Wilson is eligible to play at the end of the fall term, after serving one year of residency at beautiful Drexel University.  As the fall term is over as of December 14, Freddie should be eligible to return for the December 15 game against Davidson.  I will be there and will have a full report after hopefully getting to see him in action.

If Freddie does play in the Davidson game, then Drexel will only be dropping to a short rotation for the Bama game at Madison Square Garden and the following two DAC games, against Cleveland State and Tennessee State.

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