Thursday, November 21, 2013

One Week In - Some Housekeeping

We're nine days into this blog, only a week since I've mentioned it outside of friends and family, and the early returns are promising.  What was an exercise in throwing out my thoughts to whoever would read them (presumably Drexel fans I know and maybe my mom if she felt tossing me a bone) has very quickly become real, with triple digit daily hits, encouraging e-mails and texts from writers I very much respect, and attaboys from friends and family.  I can't thank all of you enough for the support, and I promise to try and raise this thing to a level that can provide you with something that will add to your Drexel fan experience.

I also want to thank The CAA Zone for existing and giving me a place to advertise this a bit and for linking this up and sharing their audience with a start up.  I will be doing a once a week around the league segment but for the regular reader, but is the place to go to catch up on all things in the league, it's been a daily read of mine for years now.

It's much too early in the season to be looking at season stats seriously (say that five times fast) so the statistical orientation of this blog hasn't really had a chance to shine through yet.  That's not to say we can't put together a great piece of writing, and I really admire this from Brendan Prunty at, a breakdown from the Rutgers side of the Dragons game up there.  (Thanks Nick DiFranco for pointing it out).  I hope to bring that level of thought to this page as the season continues to move forward.  In order to facilitate that, while I continue to thank you for the kind words, I ask you also to keep a critical eye in this space and tell me what I'm not providing that you would like to see.  Getting this information early can really help shape this into something useful for you, the reader, which is the goal of this thing.  So please reach out in the comments below, toss me an e-mail, see me at a game, send a carrier pigeon, smoke signals, et al.  I'd like Dragons Speak to become a place where everyone can take away some kind of nugget of information each week.  Accomplishing that starts with you.

In the out of conference season this place will seem a little less structured, but we'll have a pretty set schedule come conference time, with weekly columns about the league, as mentioned above, and also weekly links, a weekly stats breakdown, and continuing with the previews and hopefully a lot more happy recaps.

For now, I'll have daily content up thru the preview for the Arziona game on Wednesday.  Thanks again for all your support, and go Dragons!

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