Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Towson @ Drexel - In Game

Due to a conflict of friends birthdays and gamedays (tisk tisk, CAA schedulemakers) I was unable to attend the Towson game at the DAC.  I returned home a handful of margarita's in, fired up the ole DVR, and found a problem.  Instead of the raving and rantings of a crazy person being spilled out on those who have sat around me for years and years and years, there was no one here.  Thus the decision was made to rant and rave to you, the poor souls who allow me to write for you.  This, is my thoughts as I watch the game:

Pregame:  Broadcast opens with "Towson was the preseason CAA favorite"...  listen clowns, I picked em 6th.  6th!  No point guard?  Many problems.

The DAC was described as downtown Philadelphia!  Penn's plan to merge University City and Center City is working!  Go Pe...  wait a minute.  Boooo!  Booooo!  Puck Fenn!

Stat on screen shows Ruffin at 39.1 minutes a game.  That's insane.  Good on you MVD!

Annnnd looked it up.  CSN typo'd.  29.1 minutes per game for the MVD.  Well, for a second that was awesome.

The CSN clowns have done zero prep.  Screwed up names on both teams during lineups.

And the tip off is here!  Les Jones doing the honors.  If most of the CAA refs are garbage, he's at least single stream recycling.  Bernard Clinton is there as well, a Bru favorite, and at the bottom of the screen is apparently some fresh blood.  CSN tells us its Bill McCarthy but given their prep work, they might as well just call him Barack Obama since I doubt they know any more than I do.

19:45:  Sill easy bucket for Towson to start the game, easily driving in. Drexe; responds by not getting the ball inside the 3 point line until the shot clock is down to 13, finally Fouch gives up and takes it in, a tough bucket.  Towson answers with a quick turnover, which DU absolutely needs to crush them with this game.  All about turnover differential for the Dragons right now.

Second DU possession is an NBA range F-Bomb.  Ball never crossed the 3 point line, shot with 12 left on the shot clock.  The team just isn't running any offense out of the gate in this one, and Fouch has made it work.  Not sure how long that will last.  Meanwhile another turnover on Towson.  It's a second offensive foul for Mike Burwell and Towson's emergency point guard has to head to the bench.  Now TU knows how DU feels right now.  Drexel should exploit the lack of pg on the Towson side for the rest of the half.

17:41:  The last 3 DU shots have been taken without the ball ever crossing the 3 point arc.  There isn't even a pretend offense being run here.  A bit embarrassing.

15:00:  First media TO.  Drexel doing what they want, TU with 3 turnovers, and the game is tied.  Uh oh.  Best pass of the game so far was Goran to Williams.  Williams missed the shot, but already had a monster dunk when he drew his man into the air with the head fake and then while standing still went up and dunked it.  Yeah this kid has springs.  Out of the timeout the Dragons shoot a 3 without the ball ever crossing over the arc again.  I should be keeping count of that.  Next game.

14:17:  Fouch is down.  Looks like he just rolled his ankle.  Agree with the CSN guys, thankful its not the knee.  Gives CSN their 13 opportunity thus far to show the injured guys on the bench.  Freddie Wilson is the sub.  Because he's the only sub.  He is immediately beat off the dribble by Towson's sixth man.

13:00:  Currently Drexel 11, Benimon 11.  And Williams goes down hard.  Feel like these shots from Benimon haven't even been contested by DU.  Someone's gotta step out on the presumed 1st teamer.  Duh?

10:19:  2nd media TO.  Drexel can't seem to slow the Tigers down inside, so they go zone.  Works great the first possession when Towson misses a quick three, but on the second possession Benimon just penetrates the zone like it's not there, makes contact with Williams and scores it.  Drexel:  struggling in the paint.  At the other end, Canady just hit a nice jumper and has been feeding the inside guys who are so shocked its a miracle they're catching the pass.  Gotta like it.  Towson dunks against the zone out of the TO.  Uh oh.  On the response Frantz feeds Bah!  Bah isn't used to not being passed to yet, and alertly grabs it and dunks!

5:45:  Bah has looked really good out there.  Not the lost kid he was a bit early in the season.  He's been solid on the boards and he just ran the court with Benimon and got himself into position to take a charge from him.  Huge play.  Kid deserves more credit then he's gotten this year, and hopefully this extra PT from him is helping Bru realize he was wrong to put him in the doghouse early on.

4:55:  Rodney Williams picks up his second foul.  He got good minutes in the first half before his second, but a little too quiet for my liking.  Tough to yell "Bru sucks!  Give it to Williams!" given Rodney's foul history though.  How involved do you want him at this point?

3:59:  They ran the inbounds play again!  Way to remember it coaches!  It's like the Alamo, and if you forget it again you can go to your own damned doghouses.  Bah catches the inbound and gets fouled on his way up.  Timeout.... Timeout.  Coming out of the media TO the commentators are talking about the tourney moving to Baltimore.  They say "everyone enjoyed the tourney in Richmond".  To disagree, please send correspondence to:

Comcast SportsNet
3601 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19148

2:59:  Frantz takes his second 3 and hits.  Both tough contested 3's.  Assist by Gordo!  Frantz to the line for a 4 point play!  Drexel right back in this thing, down 3!  Annnnd Massenat answers by committing his third foul.  That... yeah...  uh oh.

1:22:  Damas hits an NBA 3.  Just tip your hat.  Wilson tries to answer for DU and gets a clean look, off the far rim.  TU sends a nice pass to Bru going back the other way, Bru is unable to save it.

42.9:  Bru takes the use it or lose it TO.  In Bru's case, it should be called the use it or win it.  Do we really lose when he doesn't have a chance to draw a play?  I like Bru with a clipboard like I like Celine Dion on the radio.  Less is more.

Halftime:  Towson gets 38 points in a not particularly fast first half.  The DU zone sucks.  Lets just call it like it is boys, it's turrible.  Meanwhile CSN guy says "zone was effective".  He's wrong by 38 points.  Towson didn't shoot great from the outside in the first half, McGlynn was silent, Burwell was barely on the floor and they're still winning by 9.  For the second half, I predict pain.

Mas tequila por favor?

Z Dawg on the halftime show!  Lil camera time for the big boss!  He says he believes in taking risks.  Of course he does, look at the risk he took with the new arena chairbacks!

Halftime stats come up.  Turns out TU shot 61% from the field.  9/12 (75%) from inside the arc.  And the guy on the commentary thought the DU zone was effective.  Can we just save some money and let homeless folks commentate in return for a dining hall dining plan?  Great PR move, does right by the community, and can't really be worse right?

Definitely mas tequila.

Second half:

17:30:  Canady just took an open three which is fine, but Fouch was wide open in the corner and Canady probably should have made the extra pass.  Then Damas hits another NBA range shot at the other end.  Massenat at fault on this one, didn't step out even though Damas has already shown plenty willingness to shoot from that range tonight.  Timeout, timeout.  More Baltimore commercials on the way!  I don't care!  I'll eat all the Baltimore commercials I have to in order to never see Richmond again.

16:20:  Benimon to the line, shooting twoooooooooooooooooooOOOOooooo.  CSN "professional" thinks Drexel is playing good D.  Towson is already at 45 points.  I have no words.  This guy needs to sit down at the end of the bench with Bru's clipboard.  LESS IS MORE CLOWN!

15:49:  Commentators just gave second half team shooting percentages.  With a sample size of half a shot for each team or so?  GO MAKE ME A BICYCLE CLOWNS!

14:18:  Bah struggling to finish a little bit.  Kid is still raw, but no complaints on his play tonight still.  Picks up a 3rd with a handcheck on the perimeter which is rough.  Williams back in with three fouls as Fouch hits a three.  Great to hear Dan Baker's voice on the PA tonight by the way.

13:00:  Niether I nor the announces have any idea what Les Jones just called.  Otherwise the officiating has been surprisingly better then the CAA average.  That's like a succesful trip around the DC Beltway.  Sure you did it in less then two hours, but really, are you proud of that?

12:11:  Chris Fouch nails a 3 point play.  He has 21 of DU's 45 with no end in sight.  The kid wants to put this team on his back so badly.  Reminds me of his last CAA Tourney game against VCU.  CF3's got talent but more importantly he's got heart.  And in his sixth year, he's still playing hungry.  Enjoy him while he's here DU fans.

11:10:  Announcer says Marcus Damas has the last 8 Towson points.  I heard the last 8 Thousand points before I rewound and listened again.  Eh, both seem true.

8:45:  A beautiful full court outlet from Fouch assists a cherry picking Freddie Wilson.  It's the first score by DU from anyone whose last name doesn't begin with an F in the second half.  Might be the first interior pass of the half, ignoring the fact that it was sent from inside the other arc.  Fouch is shooting the ball well, although with a ton of volume, so maybe that's ok.  He's gotta be exhausted though, DU needs to mix things up.  The Wilson 3 attempt on the next possession wasn't exactly what I meant.

7:00:  Fouch really pressing now.  Probably should get a quick breath but this years edition of Bru Extra Soft (now with lotion!) isn't going to pull that trigger.

6:16:  Things I learned.  Rodney Williams was a two time merit scholar in HS.  Cool.  Announcers don't think Pantovic vs Benimon is a good matchup for the Dragons.  Arguably the smartest thing they have said tonight.

1:49:  Bru still has Fouch in the game down 13 with under two to go.  If you have any comments, please contact:

James Flint
Daskalakis Athletic Center
3141 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

0:00:  It's a final after Stevan Manojlavic has an assist on a Massenat (he's in the game!?) three ball. The Tigers take it 80-68.  Plenty of thoughts on this one which will be up tomorrow.  At least part of that will be a hat tip to Towson's 50% from distance, but an assist to the Drexel defense for that as well.  Thanks for reading along to tonights game, and all season long.

Oh and if you're looking for Chris Fouch, the money is on him sleeping for the next day or two.  He's earned it.

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