Monday, January 20, 2014

UD In Game

Giving this a second shot.  This is all real time thoughts, unedited:

Start of game:

UD not even pretending to defend Canady.  Even if DU uses their bigs this will be 4 on 5 if he can't ge involved.

Early offensive foul on Saddler.  Could prove big.  With King-Davis going to the line, UD has gotten 6 points oin 4 trips, all from bigs.  That's big.  Can they stay with it?

Ruffin checking out very early.  Maybe Bru read the preview.

U16 media timeout

Allowed threat to drive, allowed an and one on it, and then gave up a look from 3 from Anderson.  Blowing the guard coverage in every possible way in that sequence.

Canady hits a 3.  He's got to keep that up and earn respect from Monte.

Bah is out for Wilson and DU has gone 4 guard early,  This looks by design.  Bru adjusting to the faster paced UD game.  How long can Bru leave Williams out there?

Frantz with 3 straight layups.  Keep doing it til they stop ya.  Freddie Wilson stops Frantz instead by taking an inside the line jumper.  Thanks Freddie.

U12 Media Timeout

Fouch penetrates and draws Kyle Anderson's second foul.  Big.

Tavon Allen in trying to steal some minutes on a gimpy ankle.  Don't love it.  Bru doing it because Canady has 2 fouls.  No, I hate it.  Go back toa  3 guard look before you play a banged up player at this point in the year.

UD showing no interior D.  Drexel guards with hard takes almost every time down, including a Frantz drive and dish to Ruffin.  Inspiring.

Tavon with a contested 3 that goes and pushes the Dragons back within single digits as the U8 TO hits with five and a half to go.

U8 Media Timeout  - UD hitting 68% from the floor and 100% from the line.  Fair to say the DU D isn't great against the uptempo.

Turnovers:  Drexel 0, UD 5.  UD up by 9.  Duck and cover.

With 5 to go in the half Bru leaves Fouch in with 2 fouls.  Bru currently the desperate girl at the bar.

Tavon misses a 3 and Monte tells his team to slow it down on the way up the course.  Horrendous move by Ross, leads to a missed shot from UD followed by DU taking it to the cup and getting fouled.  A foul and a point or two for Drexel, assist by M Ross.

U4 Media Timeout

UD shooting down to 59%.  Their lead extended to 12.  What's wrong with this picture?

TV guy thinks Bru needs to learn to make adjustments.  First person who is paid to be at the DAC to say that in 13 years.  Probably should have led with BREAKING.

Blue Hens with the ball and no shot clock up 16, take a timeout.  One bucket away from a 50 point half on Drexel's home court.  Doesn't exactly scream "heart" for the Dragon players or "smart" for the Dragon coaches.

Halftime thoughts

UD with 1.36 points per possession in the first half.  Somewhere Bruiser of 10 years ago just burned the locker room to the ground and .  Running with them seemed like a pretty bad idea as soon as early in the half, honestly no idea what the hell he's thinking right now.  The 4 guard formation continues to be an even worse idea then his zone was and he has adjusted from it... not at all.

Game is still winable with some defensive stops.  Frantz is getting to the basket at will, not sure why the team got away from it.  The good news about an up tempo game is lost of possessions means lots of points and the ability to come back is much greater.  The bad news is that Drexel is clearly a trainwreck against it defensively.  Completely unprepared, which probably has something to do with the short turnaround, something to do with injuries and something to do with their coaches.

Start of second half:

Wilson and Allen both start the half.  Gotta give credit, Bru is going to go down with both guns blazing.

After we saw some good offense with Fouch getting into the paint in the first two possessions Allen breaks it with his patended contested 2 point jumper.  He does hit a wide open 3 in the next possession for redemption.

MUCH better job of making UD run their halfcourt offense this half instead of running and gunning.  The result:  A 7-0 run and a 9 point game.  Timeout, MonTAY.

Allen with another contested 2.  Now 1 point per possession for him in the second half, and 2 dumb shots for every 1 good one.

Frantz is driving again!  #ItsAboutTime  He's heading to the line shooting 2.  Bapiste staying in for UD with 3 on him, gotta knock him out.

Ruffin with a monster block on Baptiste, the first time today Drexel has told a UD big where to stick it.  Mark it down, big play, as UD had just remembered that they had forwards.  Great to see that play out of Dartaye and the hustle to save the ball after the block.  Going the other way, another drive, another UD foul, Saddler's second.

U16 Media Timeout

Usher with a worlds dumbest shot miss for UD, followed by Baptiste picking up a capital C Cheapie foul at the other end, his 4th, and its fair to say that UD hasn't started the half well.  Just 2 points in the first 5 minutes of the half for them.

Frantz with a Capital C cheapie called on him, his 3rd of the half just 6:12 into the half.  Followed by Wilson volunteering for a foul right after.  Nice to see him within a football field of his man though.

Refs going to get their TV time this half it appears as Saddler now picks up his 3rd.  Free throws will decide this thing down the stretch?  Both teams good from the line.

Allen with a 3 and then gives Threatt an open look at the other end on a 15 foot 2.  Gotta be fine with that shot, don't let him drive.  Except the next time down Allen lets Threatt drive right by him, followed by a quick UD timeout for no discernible reason.  Monte!

Frantz with an on the line, contested 2.  If he didn't make that, that's a really really dumb shot.

Usher being looked at by the UD trainer.  Assuming the UD trainer has a UD education, lets go ahead and assume Usher is dead.

U12 Media Timeout

Drexel D still playing ok this half.  UD hitting some tough shots of late, and they seemed to have figured out DU's drives.  Getting blocked too often of late.  Freddie Wilson is passing up shots again as well which is painful to see.

DU getting smoked on the boards is becoming a trend worth of addressing.

Frantz with an all time dumb foul.  His 4th, on a 3 point attempt, well after the shot.  There's no part of that which is ok.  Probably my fault for complimenting the DU D.

UD hits another bucket and its 19 points with 7 to play.  And he wrote:  It's all over.

U8 Media Timeout

Bru throws the press on.  Too little to late, but still nice to see.  Results in a 10 second violation.  Meanwhile we see Usher going off the court again, in a shocker the UD training staff may not have played that right.

Allen with another 3.  He's been lights out from distance tonight.  Hobbling, shouldn't be in the game and not very good at anything else, but lights out from 3.

Baptiste fouls out on yet another cheapie which will also put Frantz on the line for a one and one.

Canady with a 3 to make it a 12 point game.  The only hope left on the Drexel side resides in Monte.  This must be how W&M fans feel when they play Drexel.

U4 Media Timeout

Blue Hens... not great against the press, and DU's press isn't exaclty Havoc.

Wilson hits a 3.  When he catches and shoots and doesn't think about it, it really is a pretty sight.

Game set match, Delaware.

Credit Bru and Drexel with a much better second half than first.  Hopefully learned something, mainly that they need to play a halfcourt game against UD next time.  3 guards please, Bruiser.

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