Monday, August 18, 2014

14-15 Out of Conference Schedule Updates

For those looking to make travel plans, or just curious, here is what is publicly available at this time, along with their ranking from last season:

Known Games:

1 Friday 11/14 – @ Colorado  - Kenpom  77  Returning  - 5 starters

2 Thursday 11/20 – Miami FL (Charleston Classic)* – Kenpom 69 – Returning  2 starters

3 Friday 11/21 – TBA (Charleston Classic)*

4 Sunday 11/23 – TBA (Charleston Classic)*

5 Sunday 11/30 – Southern Miss – Kenpom 56 – 1 starter

6 Saturday 12/13 – La Salle – Kenpom  105 -  Returning 2 starters

7 Tuesday 12/16 - @ Buffalo – Kenpom 100 - Returning 2 starters

8 Saturday 12/20 – v Penn St (PPL Center) - Kenpom 82 - Returning 4 starters

*Games will be broadcast on the ESPN Family of Networks

The following games are known, however schedule information has yet to be released:

9 St. Joe’s – Kenpom 46 – Returning 2 starters
10 @Saint Francis (PA) – Kenpom 306 – Returning 5 starters

Going with known information, I expect the SFU game a day or two prior to Thanksgiving, and Saint Joe's to be the week of Christmas (probably Tuesday, 12/23).

Somewhat concerning is that at this time of year the staff is still looking to fill the last two holes in the schedule.  While DU is usually at the tail end of the curve when finishing out the schedule, finding two decent opponents to get into a home/home series with may be a challenge.  Good candidates still looking for a game include URI, who DU has scheduled at the last minute in the past.  Both schools are looking to fill similar calendar dates.

All in all though, a favorable schedule versus some very solid programs.  Home games versus Southern Miss, St. Joe's and La Salle would have been a pipe dream as recently as five years ago (09-10 OOC home games:  Vermont, Toledo and Saint Francis (PA)).  The Buffs will very likely be the best team the Dragons play, and on the first game of the season anything can happen, a good time to be playing them.  The rest of the big names on this list are coming off of strong seasons and are young this year, giving DU a chance to face some teams that could end strong while those teams are still coming together.

I'm sure we'll be hearing great things after the China trip (stay healthy boys) and more thoughts will be put to paper on the upcoming season come late September into October.  In the interim, I'll post any schedule updates as I have them.  In the meantime, enjoy some baseball, football, and hey maybe even a little Philadelphia Union soccer.  

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