Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Welcome Home Dragons

The Weeks of the Dragon have ended in China.  And while we delight in our conquering heroes (3-1 on the road trip) trip, we can also get a chuckle.  I leave you without further comment, but with two tweets posted within an hours of each other:

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  1. Good to see the kids aren't the only ones to get something out of the trip:

    “'I hired you, but I can fire you … this is my gym,' the Sharks head coach yelled at the official, who gave him a technical foul five minutes into the game."
    “'You are a traitor!' the Sharks coach yelled at the official during the second half"

    Bru got some new material.

    On a serious note, good to see Freddie score 21 in one of the China games, he needs to come up big this year.