Friday, September 12, 2014

The Schedule (Well most of it...) Is Here!

This is two games short, the Saint Francis game and one other TBD.  File this under "where there's smoke there is fire" but according to some Rhode Island followers, they are no longer playing Brown on New Years Eve.  At the same time, there are three potential spots for Drexel's two remaining games: New Years Eve, December 23, or the first week of December, which is the week prior to finals week.  Smoke, fire, we'll see.  With four (4!!!) OOC home games against some really solid opponents at the DAC, Drexel can afford to start a home and home on the road or (my preference) take a small guarantee with that last spot.  A hat tip to Coach Connors & Company for creating the best home OOC slate since Bru arrived from UMass.   Fans should be excited about this schedule, and about the new DAC seats to see them from.

With the CAA schedule now laid out, there are three obvious knocks right off the top:

1)  A back loaded schedule, with five of the last eight going into the tournament on the road.  Tough to have momentum going into tournament time with a schedule like that, if you believe in momentum.

2)  The Elon then C of C road swing in early February kicking off the end of season road wars features a Thursday/Saturday set.  Those two schools are a 4+ hour bus ride apart in good weather and CAA teams are notoriously bad on the road on one days rest.  Especially when both games are on the road.

3)  Noting the last comment above, the Dragons also have a Towson/UNCW set both on the road, just two days apart.  UNCW and C of C on the back end of both of those sets may seem like a break, but in reality those are the road games that a good team absolutely must win, and they are now both games that are very much at risk.

On the flip side of the coin, if you're a believer in Northeastern, William and Mary and Hofstra as the teams to beat in the CAA next year then DU caught a few breaks.  They play W&M on one day rest at home, but the Tribe will only have one day rest on the road for that game.  Hofstra will play at DU on one days rest while Drexel has the full two days off between games.  

The NU/DU budding rivalry will continue with full sets of rest for both teams in all meetings.

Oh, and in case you missed it:  Mario the Magnificent and his boys will be hosting the Delaware Blue Hens on senior night.


  1. Look like St Francis will be Nov 25/26. Most likey the 26th.

  2. Interesting. Can't believe they want a two week layoff in the beginning of December, will be interesting who they can find to fill that void going into finals week.

  3. Any chance Upenn could be the last game fit in?

  4. The Penn schedule is out and they have games scheduled for the only times that DU could fit in a game. Penn won't be added to the schedule.