Friday, January 16, 2015

Delaware Sucks - Pregame

Last week there was a girls high school basketball game in California in which a team won 162-2.  I can tell you without question that both the Delaware and Drexel basketball teams would beat at least one of the teams that played in that game.  Past that, well...  hmm.

For the first month and a half of the season, UD was the worst team in the country.  With the return of former suspendee Melvin King-Davis* and sharpshooter Kylie Anderson, they merely suck now, and are no longer a total embarrassment.  They match the Dragons with three wins, coming against a St. Bonnies team that slept on them while looking ahead to a game with UMass, a less-sucky win at C of C, and then they snuck out an OT win at home against The Terrible Tigers of Towson.  

Alongside Melvin* they start sophomore bigman Mo Jeffers* who doesn't really do anything for them offensively, and off the bench backing those two up is Chico Corbett* who, lets be honest now, shouldn't be in division I.  Cool it with your argument that neither should Bru.  

At the guard, UD has Kammy Hayes* filling the role of Tavon Allen, a poor shooter with worse shot selection that Bru's best friend has given a total green light to (way to go Coach!*)  Freshman Kory "just because it starts with a K doesn't mean it's a girls name" Hoelden* does the same thing next to him, but shoots less.  Decent distributor though, that kid.  So let him shoot.  After that comes lone senior Kylie Anderson* who is a one trick pony out at the three point line.  Mark him down as the opposite of the freshman, step out on him and let him drive or pass.  

So there you have it, UD has one player that should worry anyone in King-Davis, and 50/50 on whether or not he is suspended between now and tip off because, well, Delaware.  

The Drexel stuff, well you know about that.  Same as last week and the week before that.  Get Lee open, get the ball inside, play 3 guards, should win easily.  Bru won't do any of it.  Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Prediction:  DU 50 - UD (sucks) 50
Vegas Line:  Delaware -3

*Note:  I don't bother to learn the names of UD players, and neither should you.  

Alan Boston's Much More Logical Notes:  With its only returning starter out Delaware, predictably began the year a mess. Bad loss after bad loss culminated in a home blow out loss to rival and MEAC member, Delaware St. Then Kyle Anderson made his first appearance in the Temple game. Their best bench player from last year, who got hurt in the opening loss to LIberty was also back for the Owls. Things started to get better. Even with their terrific fr p.g. Kyle Holden out, they gave up the last ten at FDU and lost 76-74. Holden returned for Robert Morris where the lost on the road 84-81 but things were clearly getting better. It came together on Dec 30 with an impressive win at home over St Bonny. Experienced Northeastern took them apart in the first league game, they then went to Hofstra led early, trailed only 27-22 at the half before losing 71-58. They blew a 6 pt lead in the last 30 seconds and lost in ot at UNCW, but did not in blow out win at Coll of CHarleston they won a war in overtime vs Towson 67-64. Clearly Delaware is a different team that began the year. They have 2 terrific freshman point guards in Kory Holden and Anthony Mosley. Mid majors typically have a home run yr every 4th. Delaware is in yr one. I have nothing to say about Drexel. I do not understand what Bruiser is trying to do. It is not like what James Madison does is any secret. Drexel fooled me when they showed some of the old Drexel ball at Towson. They wont fool me again. 

Delaware 68  Drexel 65

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  1. No offense, but can Alan Boston get any worse on picking Drexel games? 0 for last 4.