Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sometimes you need to take a day and just step back and laugh.  So today, enjoy this collection from some of the messages that I've received over the prior week, then forget DU hoops for a bit.  We'll see you back here tomorrow for the Towson pregame.

To the point:
Once one of our biggest fans, and I really believe he will be again, but DU Athletics has to give all fans a reason to #DUBelieve.  Right now, it's just a hashtag.
The laughter isn't limited to the Philadelphia area:
Telling the tale of the season:
Josh is a good guy, but got a real chuckle out of this one:
If you haven't been following Adam this season, you haven't been following Drexel Basketball:
Best one liner of the week:

Ending with my favorite reply that I've received in some time:

And if you still have a few minutes to burn after gunning through this, check out longtime follower Leon Kauffman  ( for some scenes that will get your mind well away from your desk, and the dumpster fire we call DU.

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