Monday, February 8, 2016

College of Charleston - Away - Postgame

Final Score:  College of Charleston 60 Drexel 38
Drexel Player of the Game: Tyshawn Myles
Key to the Game: It's like the NY Lotto - You Gotta Play to Win
Next Game:  Thursday Feb 11 @ Delaware

If you ever want to beautifully setup a game for last place, it's tough to do much better than Drexel and Delaware did this past Saturday.  While Delaware knocked out their second straight 20+ point loss, the Drexel Dragons stumbled and bumbled their way through a no show appearance in Charleston.

Giving Tyshawn Myles the Player of the Game for this one is still somewhat stunning to me.  Tyshawn had three turnovers and four fouls in just 18 minutes and only played at a .72 points per possession efficiency.  But he also filled up the box score with 7 rebounds and 5 points in those 18 minutes, and was the only player on his team to record more than 1 field goal, so congratulations Tyshawn Myles!  At the very least, Tyshawn entered the game and tried to make an impact, which, with apologies to the walk on's,  is much more than any of his teammates could argue for themselves.

The problems in South Carolina started slow and low.  Coach Earl Grant apparently has gotten word from around the league, and Rodney Williams was double teamed early in the game, effectively making him disappear from the start.  Kazembe Abif was 1-6 from the floor and just 3-7 from the line, while being kept off the boards and sitting in some foul trouble.  Tyshawn Myles came in and quickly saw the fouls pile up as well.  And so this game was left for the guards to try to keep it competitive against a Charleston team that isn't a bad matchup for this Drexel team.  The four player guard rotation combined for these gaudy numbers:

2 pt: 3-9 (33%)
3 pt: 2-11 (18%)
Assist(s):  1
Turnovers; 13

The only player in the game for the Dragons to average over a point per possession was Terrell Allen, who came off the bench for the second straight game and was held to just 24 minutes, his third shortest appearance of the season.  Bruiser Flint appears to be cutting off his job nose to spite his face with the current benching as Rashann London and his 1-8 shooting and zero assists is not looking to be ready for a starting pg role on this squad.  When all of this added up, it really didn't matter what Charleston did, so long as they were physically present.  This game was an open net goal for them and they easily slipped it between the posts.

For the longer term, after the amusing and bemusing 10 point first half featuring a lone field goal (thanks Rashann London) the messages were coming in hot and heavy to Dragons Speak HQ.  And yes, there certainly are significant problems in Dragon Land right now, and if you're a donor, you may be seeing the lowest return on investment of any basketball program in the country.  It's a terrible message to send, and while we're not sure how much longer it will be tolerated certainly the end appears near.  More on that later this week, but for now we turn our eyes to the last place battle in Newark on Thursday.

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