Saturday, February 13, 2016

Northeastern Preview

Life wins today, so no preview, but Alan was kind enough to put together his take so you're not without commentary!  For what it's worth, I'm in total agreement with Alan.  We're in mid February, and this is the end of the end of an era now.

Thanks again to Alan and everyone who has assisted in this place coming together this season.


Prediction:  Northeastern 67, Drexel 42
Vegas Line:  Northeastern -11

Alan Boston's Take:

As I begin to write, I am reminded of the opening line of the gorgeous song from Damien Rice, The Blowers Daughter (check out Matt Corby's version from Australian Idol. You will not regret it):

"And so it is . . . . . . ."

Perfect. Well, for me it is. What else can you write about Drexel' basketball program? They somehow managed to lose to Delaware. There, I finished the sentence. Let me begin again. And so it is. And so it is. Drexel got a bit unlucky as they get to play Northeastern with a healthy Quincy Ford, twice.

Even more bad news. In 35 minutes against Towson on Thursday night, Ford was 2-11, scoring a grand total of 4 pts. Northeastern still won the game. Ford figures to be 100% tomorrow. He also figures to score more than 4 pts. When he is healthy, Northeastern is one of the best in the conference. When he is not healthy, they are still better than Drexel. Then there is the not so small matter, that Bill Coen coaches Northeastern basketball. He will out coach the majority of coaches in D-I. Given that Bruiser still roams the Drexel side lines, that already puts them at a huge disadvantage. Let me be a bit more succinct. If you can not win at Delaware, you are not going to win on short rest vs a healthy Northeastern team. Drexel got one field goal in the first half at C of C.  Northeastern just won 47-44. Is a first half shut out possible?

Northeastern 69 Drexel 32

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