Sunday, March 6, 2016

Alan Boston's CAA Preview Day 3

When Hofstra swept the season series vs William and Mary, Tony Shaver said after the home loss, "They are just better than we are." 

JMU missed several open shots to start and a wide open 3 when down 6 with less than 2 to go. However Coach Shaver said that their zone was much more active, that their rotations were much tighter. 

Hofstra is a talented team. For some strange reason Mihalich let Green play all 40 minutes yesterday. That has no bearing on todays game, however I never understood coaches keeping starters in with big leads late in the game, when it is obviously over. Makes no sense to risk injury, to not rest players and most importantly, it does not allow walk ons and others who have practiced hard and are a part of the team to get some playing time. But I digress. 

Hofstra did sweep the series but reading between the lines, William and Mary hit another gear yesterday. I do like Mihalich but there are few that are a match for Shaver. Just feel like William and Mary played possum a bit near the end of the year. This is a team that opened the year smashing NC St and nearly winning in Dayton. Any effort like that is good enough to win here.

William and Mary 82 Hofstra 75

Early in conference Northeastern went to UNCW and despite being 2 starters down won 65-63. Typically, UNCW won the rematch but that was with a less than 100% Quincy Ford playing for Northeastern.

I was wrong about C of C pulling the upset but they were 19 ahead before a barrage of 3 pointers got UNCW back in the game. They got the lead but back came Charelston. The game went to the wire. I still contend that UNCW will level off a bit. I also believe Northeastern will play to a more typical level for the program. If that is the case, the game is a toss up. Remembering that a shorthandeded Northeastern won at Wilmington and that Bill Coen will have a coaching edge.

Northeastern 72 UNCW 62

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