Thursday, March 17, 2016

Rumblings From the Search

Below are some assorted nuggets from the grapevine commingled with some internal thoughts that will answer some frequently asked questions, and perhaps create others:

--Yes, Bashir Mason and Geoff Arnold are likely picking up interviews.  There are many reasons for both the school and the individuals to go through this process, both practical and political, but don't expect much to come of it.

--The Hoop Dirt piece from 3/10 jibes with what I have been hearing.  The standards that Bruiser Flint maintained are expected to be, well, maintained, on the academic and compliance side.  That makes a long look at Ivy and Patriot League coaches worth doing, but don't forget some high majors like Notre Dame.  On those lines, I think the link to the Pitino family may damage Kimani Young's (asst coach, Minnesota) chances.

--The two names that have come across my desk the most this week?  Zach Spiker of Army and Will Brown of Albany.  Neither screams instant turnaround, recruiting mastermind or excitement, but both are coaches worthy of this level and known as good people.  Spiker in particular has run good offense at Army, which is tough to do, and is on the younger/up-and-coming side.  And the track record of Army coaches...  is not bad.

--I have not heard the names Brian Earl, Niko Medved or Kevin Kuwik at all.  Really hope those names get the consideration that they deserve, if they are interested.  They fit the bill and are remarkable individuals.

--The two top names from the earlier piece looking at coaches around the country continue to show up.  I believe Caputo's sites are higher, but Inglesby feels about right for this level.

--The Doug Overton rumors haven't died, and there appears to be interest with Scott Cherry.

--The name that was a bad miss on the perspective candidates piece was Joe Jones.  He's a complete fit to the profile and if the price is right I think he would take the gig.  Head coaching experience at elite academic schools (Columbia, BU) with assistant experience at Villanova and Hofstra, providing a local and CAA connection.  He has some Philly/NJ kids on the BU roster, he can recruit the area if you're into that.  His name hasn't come across my desk, and he may be slightly older than they are targeting, but he makes too much sense and he's too good of a coach not to take a long look at.


  1. Wayne Brent is the only person that they should go after, before people realize just how smart he is.

  2. Still salivating at Inglesby...

    1. Delaware canned Monte. Have to assume Brey will talk up that opening, which sucks because I was happy we seemed to have a year's head start.