Thursday, March 10, 2016

March 10 - Links Day

At the beginning of the season, there was intent to have a midweek "Links Day" both to give the site laborers a day of rest, and to appreciate the great writing at Drexel (nods to Adam Hermann) and around the conference (nods to a dozen different writers).  It wasn't a bad idea, and will probably make an appearance next season (yes, the blog will return for it's 4th season, 1st under Coach ?????).  Today however, a celebratory teaser of the links column:

And we celebrate for good reason.  We are now 88 articles into a journey that followed a 6-25 basketball team,  We have published 259 articles over 3 years, and none of those teams even finished above .500 in the CAA.  We endure the misery to someday fully enjoy the sweetness of victory.  And we enjoy our victories when savored with others.  So when the "21 Guns" post that our staff worked so hard on became the most read article ever on the site, we say "Thank You!" to all of you who read it, linked to it, or helped with it by sending us texts, emails or commenting.  And quite frankly we're not complaining at all that this post passed previous "most read" leader Damion Lee Figured It Out.

We also genuinely want to recognize the work of Adam Hermann all season long, his Kazembe Abif feature pairs nicely with his work from last season with Major Canady and Rodney Williams and is finished by an eloquent closing speaking to how Bruiser Flint made everyone want to be a Dragon.

Finally, a word of apology.  At some point, there was a decision made that there was only enough time in a day to cover Drexel Men's Basketball in these pages.  In not covering the women's team, we aren't just turning our back on people we respect, a team we care about, and teammates whose blood runs just as blue and gold as ours.  When we don't cover them, we don't cover the best basketball that Drexel has to offer.  Soccer is often referred to as the beautiful game, but Denise Dillon's motion offense will challenge that six days a week and twice on Sunday.

The last season that the women's program didn't finish in the top half of the CAA (a highly competitive league on the women's side) was 2006-07.  The ladies are a lock for postseason play this year, making it seven postseason appearances tn the ten seasons since 06-07, including an NCAA appearance and an WNIT title.  We have an elite program in the building, playing basketball, and the blog hasn't been covering it.  Shame on us.

So please take the time to get excited about this years team, a 2 seed that kicks off their CAA tournament against Towson at 5pm today.  As a primer, be sure to read last weeks story by Pamitha Weerasinghe as he covered this exact matchup, Drexel vs Towson, down in Maryland.  Also, the Blue and Gold club guys knocked it out of the park with their Pre-CAA tourney primer.  The names Meghan Creighton, Sarah Curran, and Rachel Pearson should be fresh in your mind over the weekend, as you root on a team that really does have a chance to punch a ticket.  Hofstra and JMU are very talented teams in the league this year, but DU has already beaten the Pride once and taken the Dukes to the wire (for those of you missing Bru, Coach Dillon ate a technical foul late in that contest).  So please, take a minute and give a very deserving team some time this weekend, as at Drexel, weve got one more chance to dance.

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