Monday, March 7, 2016

Hofstra - Postgame - CAA Tournament

Final Score: Hofstra 80, Drexel 67
Drexel Player of the Game: Terrell Allen
Key to the Game: Firepower
Next Game:

If you support the Dragons, hold your head high.

In their final game of the season, and likely of an era, the Dragons went out swinging til the final second.  They came into the game following a strict gameplan that kept them even with Hofstra early.  On offense, the trio of Rodney Williams, Kazembe Abif and Austin Williams combined for 39 shots (and stunningly just 7 free throw attempts).  On defense, Rokas Gustys was into foul trouble early, and a lid was kept on one man wreching ball Ameen Tanksley.

It wasn't gameplan.  It wasn't effort.  And it wasn't mistakes.  The Dragons played with heart and they played well.  But the combination of Hofstra's talent and Drexel's short rest made it possible for the Dutchmen to hold the Dragons at arms length throughout the second half.

While most basketball teams talk about their "Big 3", Hofstra brings a "Big 4" to the table.  With CAA Player of the Year Juan'ya Green surrounded by two other All-CAA team members and junior deadly spot shooter Brian Bernardi, the only way to stay with Hofstra is to score with Hofstra.  With tired legs and quite frankly the talent level of Drexel's "shooters" that was going to be a challenge.  With Rodney Williams and Kazembe Abif getting beaten up inside and not hearing the referees whistle, it proved impossible to keep up with a Hofstra barrage that finished the game 41% from downtown.

Despite losing by more than they did in their two other matchups with Hofstra this year, this was Drexel's best effort of the season against the Dutchmen.  It was a performance to be proud.  The team on the other side was the best team in the league this year, and they brought their A-Game.  And so it's time for creative destruction at Drexel.  A rebirth and a rebrand, possibilities abound.  But before the page flips to a new renaissance and a 0-0 record, say thanks to the seniors and the coaching staff.  While supporters and staff alike may have wished for a better result, they put in everything they had.  Coach Flint and Coach Connors have been doing it, devoting their life to make this program a success for 15 years.  And while they may not have seen the ultimate success, their impact on the Drexel community will be forever felt.  And on the players behind them, so will the actions and words of Kazembe Abif, Tavon Allen and Chandler Fraser-Pauls.  Their final appearance in blue and gold was full of class and heart.

So lets join the players and staff and live the offseason as they have lived all season.  Bleed Blue and Gold.

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